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Smart Gizmos

Smart Gizmos and Gadgets

Two Smart Gizmos from Editors’ Choice Gadgets This may be a little dated but here are two smart gizmos featured in PCWorld Editors’ Choice Gadgets back in 2017. I’ll bet they are as relevant and noteworthy today. They are “really smart” and will make your life more fun and comfortable Google Home is the Best […]

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Household Gizmos Of The Weird and Wonderful Variety

Brilliant But Practical Household Gizmos So I’m sifting through Yahoo Lifestyle just because I love gizmos and gadgets and that’s what Elegant Gizmos does. And I come across a great article about 10 weird but brilliant gadgets designed to make your life a lot easier. You can read all about these household gizmos at the […]

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Travel Gizmos

Travel Gizmos For The Weekend Getaway

Travel Gizmos and Gadgets I’m just finished an article from Quantas that predictably talks about travel gizmos and gadgets. Half a dozen really caught my attention because they are so cool and functional. And they are definitely not just applicable to when you are on the road. I’d be using them at home or in […]

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