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battery storage

Battery Storage Options

The Battery Storage Organizer From Elegant Gizmos

Do you have a drawer organizer for battery storage like the one you use for cutlery? Unfortunately many people toss their opened battery packages and even loose batteries into the proverbial junk drawer or often in multiple locations around the house. When they need a battery they end up sifting through all the drawers in the house or workshop looking for what they hope will be a fully charged battery. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are lots of battery storage containers available. They range from plastic battery boxes that hold one type of battery to similar ones with compartments for a variety of battery types. They come in a variety of sizes holding a few to dozens of batteries. So what should you be looking for in a battery storage organizer? Here is my take on that question.

Safely Organizes Common Household Battery Types

Your kids’ toys, your thermostats, smoke detectors, TV and a variety of remote controls for a large number of electronic devices in your home and workshop use a variety of batteries. A battery storage case should have compartments for several AAA, AA, C and D size and 9 Volt batteries. Ideally it should have room for a number of button batteries of various sizes as well. It should also segregate batteries.

It’s really important to ensure that whatever battery storage option you choose separates batteries from one another. Batteries tend to corrode or leak over time and if left and forgotten in the back of a drawer will cause damage to anything stored with them including other batteries. A good battery organizer storage case with separate compartments for a each battery solves that problem. It also serves to keep your batteries all in one place and readily available when needed.

Like the cutlery organizer trays in most kitchens, a good battery organizer should be located for easy access to batteries that can be easily removed when needed. Storing it in a drawer or cabinet or on a shelf does the trick. Mounting the case on a wall in the pantry or workshop provides those benefits. A wall mounted organizer would have the added advantage of allowing you to assess at a glance what type and how many batteries are on hand. So where do you look for such an organizer?

Where can you find such a product?

We recommend our own Elegant Gizmos Battery Storage Organizer. Not only does it have all the features and benefits required, it comes with a removable battery tester, instructions for use and hardware to mount it on a wall should you choose that option. We do recommend putting it in a drawer on a shelf. The tester ensures you know what batteries are good to go and which need to be recycled.  You’ll avoid the frustration of taking a toy or device apart to insert a new battery only to discover the replacement is no good.

You can find it on Amazon when you click the button below. Happy organizing.

Elegant Gizmos Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Smart Gizmos

Smart Gizmos and Gadgets

Two Smart Gizmos from Editors’ Choice Gadgets

This may be a little dated but here are two smart gizmos featured in PCWorld Editors’ Choice Gadgets back in 2017. I’ll bet they are as relevant and noteworthy today. They are “really smart” and will make your life more fun and comfortable

Google Home is the Best Smart Speaker

Google Home was launched with a huge promo campaign and like many first of a kind it has taken smart speakers into the mainstream. It’s still pretty much a baby but Google Home drew in the folks who are already on board with smart home and automation technology and also attracted the masses in a remarkable display of savvy tech marketing.

Alexa and Cortana have come on the scene and are pushing hard to gather market share. But being first in and having a clear playing field for the first year or so means Google Home is still leading the pack. It’s still the best option out there.

Best Smartwatch of 2017 is Apple Watch Series 3

There’s lots of competition in this niche but Apple has the lead for a number of reasons. One is that much like the iPhone, the Apple Watch has that elegant simplicity and just plain works. It’s got more direct competition than the iPhone because it competes in a category where virtually all of the players have a pretty similar and usually limited set of features and functionality. But Apple has the edge.

Where the Apple Watch excels is in the operating software. Apple’s WatchOS system is noticeably more mature than that of the competition. And they made the move to cellular. They weren’t the first smart watch to go this route but it does mean they’ll be setting the standard for the competition in the same way their OS has done across platforms

That’s clearly the case. As I write this the Apple watch series 4 is out with improvements in speakers, chip speed and longer battery life. Combine all this with the brand loyalty demanded and received by Apple aficionados, and they’ll continue to lead the pack.

I’ll be back with a couple more smart gizmos and gadgets next time. In the mean time go find a deal on our Battery Organizer Storage Case with Tester. If you are quick the sale may still be on. But it’s a deal at full price anyway.

Battery Organizer


Smart Gizmos

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Household Gizmos Of The Weird and Wonderful Variety

Brilliant But Practical Household Gizmos

So I’m sifting through Yahoo Lifestyle just because I love gizmos and gadgets and that’s what Elegant Gizmos does. And I come across a great article about 10 weird but brilliant gadgets designed to make your life a lot easier. You can read all about these household gizmos at the original article but here’s three that most impressed.

Ball Cap Washer

Ball Cap Washer Household Gizmos

Photo WalMart

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of ball caps I really like but don’t wear often because they are so hard to keep clean. But would you believe some genius invented a very clever gadget that solves the problem. It’s a “cage” made of sturdy, multi-use plastic that lets you wash those precious caps in the top of your dishwasher.

It’s made by Evelots and is available from Walmart for about $7.00. Beats the heck out of taking them in to the cleaners only to find they really can’t do the job properly.

Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber


Tile Scrubber Household Gizmos

Photo OXO via Amazon

What’s the job your wife has for you that you really detest? For me it’s hands down cleaning the shower and bath tub. For one thing there’s all those hard to reach nooks and crannies that are equally hard to get clean. Enter the OXO Good Grips Extendable Tub and Tile Scrubber.

It truly is an ergonomic marvel with a head that pivots to get into awkward spots. The extendable handle lets’ you get at even the highest tiles and corners with out having to balance precariously on a slippery surface. The anti-microbial head is abrasive enough to wipe out the toughest stains. You can find it on Amazon for about $13.00.

Cool Vegetable Spiralizer

I get to peel the carrots, potatoes and other veggies when enlisted to help make dinner for the horde when they descend upon us. With invitation of course because we treasure our time with family. My output is workman-like; nothing fancy. Cubes, not strips and certainly no nifty spirals. Until now!

Vegetable Spiralizer Household Gizmo

Photo TheGrommet

The Vegetable Spiralizer Jar by TheGrommet for about $15.00 handles all that so I can create some awesome ribbons. This little tool fits right into the top of a jar so all you have to do is twist away and create ribbons of veggies to your heart’s content. Even I can do it like a pro.You can quickly make yourself a cool spiralized salad, add some cheese or lentils and a dollop of dressing and lunch is packed and ready to go in the jar!

Some great ideas to work on as we flesh out the gizmos and gadgets on offer at Elegant Gizmos. If you are in need of a little junk drawer organization check out our Battery Organizer. Has storage for over 100 commonly used household batteries of 6 varieties. Click Below.

Battery Organizer

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Travel Gizmos

Travel Gizmos For The Weekend Getaway

Travel Gizmos and Gadgets

I’m just finished an article from Quantas that predictably talks about travel gizmos and gadgets. Half a dozen really caught my attention because they are so cool and functional. And they are definitely not just applicable to when you are on the road. I’d be using them at home or in the office as well.

Portable Power

Knowing I’ll be away from power outlets for an extended period is kinda stressful for an online entrepreneur. But the 6000mAh Portable Power Bank from Cygnett really takes the pressure off when you are away for a weekend or away on business. Lots of power available, costs less than $50 and is extremely portable.

Live Home Monitoring

A little pricey at about $1100 but worth it for the peace of mind, the Netgear Arlo Pro 2 connects yo to home with live footage of what’s happening when you’re gone. It provides seven days data back up to the cloud so you’ll have a great record of what goes on when you aren’t there. Of course the Arlo Pro alerts you when an unknown individual hoves into view. Netgear’s Arlo Pro 2 alerts you when an unknown person appears in its view and has geo-fencing to switch off the cameras when you get home, plus seven days free back-up to the cloud.

Pocket Camera and Tripod/Selfie Stick

You’ve undoubtedly got a pretty good camera on your smartphone, but to record your weekend or longer vacation in style the Sony RX100 VI pocket camera is an awesome addition to your gadget and gizmo line up. It’s versatile and powerful with a wide aperture for shooting in low light and a large sensor to take in a lot of information in each shot. The massive 24-200mm zoom lens and lightning fast autofocus makes capturing action at a distance a snap. It’s not cheap at about $1700 but looks like it’s well worth the outlay.

Add an inexpensive ($70) Tripod Selfie Stick combo with bluetooth remote (Black Eye Selfie Stick Tripod Combo) and you have the ultimate in power, portability and convenience. You’ll get all the group pics and be in them all without finding a friendly passerby to act as your photographer.

Powerful Data Backup and Storage

You may be on a break but your laptop never takes a break. It’s the online entrepreneur’a lifeline to the business world. With the super portable Samsung T5 portable SSD drive you’ll backup your fully encrypted data on the go. And at as little as $159 that peace of mind is also very inexpensive.

Headband Sleep Headphones

Maybe the best for last. How about a comfortable headband that incorporates bluetooth headphones. Tune in what you want to hear and tune out the extraneous noise on the airplane or in a hotel room.  Meditate and drift off with a Breeze SleepPhones Headband Sleep Headphones with Bluetooth for $160. Cool gadget indeed.

Some great ideas here and I’ll be following up to see if I can find some similar stuff for my store. We’re just getting started but pay us a visit and check out our Battery Organizer Storage Case with Tester.

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