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kitchen must have gizmos

What Happened To Those Must Have Gizmos

Where Are Those Must Have Gizmos Now Only in Ireland eh? Just read a hilarious article about those must have gizmos we once knew were essential, but which now lead a lonely existence. If they aren’t on the way to Goodwill they are packed away or gathering dust under the stairs or in the spare […]

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Rain Protector Gizmos

Rain Protector Gizmos and Gear For Spring Showers

The best rain protector gizmos and gear to help you enjoy those April showers Just came across a very timely article by Jen Birkhofer from TODAY that talks about some cool rain protector gizmos. Hey it’s April so expect some showers if you want May flowers. To make your life a little easier as the […]

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Tech Gadgets Blast From The Past

Popular Tech Gadgets Then and Now It’s truly amazing to see the evolution of tech gadgets and gizmos in the span of just a decade or two. We are no longer tied to the television or stereo plugged into the wall in the family room. We can wander the house with a Bluetooth headset and […]

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