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What Happened To Those Must Have Gizmos

Where Are Those Must Have Gizmos Now

Only in Ireland eh? Just read a hilarious article about those must have gizmos we once knew were essential, but which now lead a lonely existence. If they aren’t on the way to Goodwill they are packed away or gathering dust under the stairs or in the spare room.

I’ll bet a high proportion of readers have more than one of these gizmos. How about Steam Cleaners? They looked like the answer to cleaning almost anything from the bathroom, to the kitchen and into the kids bedroom. Even taking the wrinkles out of shirts without hauling out the iron and ironing board seemed a dream come true.

But they didn’t live up to the hype so within maybe weeks it was back to the regular bucket and mop an that trusty ironing board.

Got Pasta Makers and Juicers?

These two ring bells with me and probably a lot of people. It looked so cool to see the pasta maker effortlessly turn out mouth watering pasta. And that juicer was impressive with fresh carrot or apple juice poring out in clear, sparkling streams. Just had to have them.

But then reality set in. It takes a lot of time and ingredients to make that pasta and it really doesn’t turn out to be identical to the stuff that little Italian Mamma turns out in the commercials. How about that juicer? Well, it really doesn’t turn out juice that’s so sparkling, and certainly not in the volumes expected. Beside that, the huge mess of pulp created has to cleaned up and out of the juicer. More trouble than it’s worth! I know, I’ve got one. Somewhere.

Hey, maybe you’ll find your next gotta have thing right here!

Exercise Gizmos and Gadgets

I’ll bet more than a few of you have weight benches and dumbells kicking around somewhere. Maybe you also have an exercise bike or treadmill and bunch of other gadgets that were once deemed essential to your well being! But they now sit unused and unloved in the spare room or the garage.

And so it goes. Add waffle makers, grass trimmers (those I actually use), Bongos, Ukuleles and Digital Cameras to the mix and you have an eclectic list of stuff you read about that were among the next great must have gizmos and gadgets. You might want to read the full article by Conor Pope and enjoy his Irish prose. One thing seems certain; with the speed at which technology changes these days, expect the current crop of trending gizmos and gadgets to disappear under the dust in a similar fashion.

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Must Have Gizmos

Rain Protector Gizmos

Rain Protector Gizmos and Gear For Spring Showers

The best rain protector gizmos and gear to help you enjoy those April showers

Just came across a very timely article by Jen Birkhofer from TODAY that talks about some cool rain protector gizmos. Hey it’s April so expect some showers if you want May flowers. To make your life a little easier as the rains try to spoil your plans here are some innovative rain protector gizmos to keep you dry.

They include a cool dog leash that doubles as a pet umbrella available on, where else- Amazon. How about a Superhydrophobic Packable Umbrella that repels water so it’s not wet when you head inside or want to pop it into the back seat of the car.

Then there’s a polyester pop-up tent that’s very portable and designed to keep you and your friends and family dry while watching a sporting event, camping or doing the tailgate thing. This Sportspod is one of the coolest rain protector gizmos I’ve seen.

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Fashionable Rain Protector Gizmos

The fashionistas among us will love the Seal Shoe Covers. They are the ultimate in rain gizmos designed to be worn over all types of shoes. They are very fashionable, light weight and conveniently roll up and store in a neat little pouch. If you don’t like those clunky rubber boots, these are for you.

Then there’s a waterproof purse cover by THE GROMMET designed to protect your leather handbag or tote from the rain but still allow you to reach in for your wallet or phone without getting everything in there rained on.

And here’s a really cool rain protector gizmo. How many times have you been out there, trying to take notes or fill in a scoresheet in the rain? If you get it done at all the sheet may not survive for long. THE GROMMET to the rescue again with a set of 3 All-Weather Top Spiral Notebooks. These notebooks last a long time and you can write on them even if the paper is wet. Of course the addition of an All-Weather Pen By Rite in the Rain tops it off. Both are available on Amazon.

Gear for Campers and Hikers

There’s also a couple of gadgets designed for campers in general but not necessarily rain protector gizmos. The LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone is solar powered and expands to be used as a lantern. It’s great for campers and hikers. So too is the LifeSaver Liberty Purification Water Bottle. It can filter 99.9 percent of all bacteria and viruses out of just about any water source, including mud puddles. Both are available on Amazon.

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Tech Gadgets Blast From The Past

Popular Tech Gadgets Then and Now

It’s truly amazing to see the evolution of tech gadgets and gizmos in the span of just a decade or two. We are no longer tied to the television or stereo plugged into the wall in the family room. We can wander the house with a Bluetooth headset and enjoy top quality surround sound. We can wirelessly stream video on any number of devices from pretty much anywhere. And the ubiquitous smartphone has revolutionized communication.

I just came across an article that examines what eight of the most popular tech gadgets looked like when released and what they look like and do now. It’s no surprise that Apple dominates the field. The Apple Macintosh, iPhone and iPad lead the way.

Smart Phones and Personal Computers

Tech Gadgets2The Apple Macintosh, introduced in 1984, was the first personal computer with graphical user interface, built-in screen and mouse. The concept then was to provide a fool proof unit anyone could use out of the box. Today the Apple collection of personal computers and laptops have come a long way in terms of capabilities. But they retain the simplicity of use principle envisioned by Steve Jobs.

The iPhone has revolutionized communications since being introduced in 2007. Today’s versions are bigger, and better. The features on the iPhone XS and iPhone XR are so much more advanced than we could have imagined in 2007. It’s not just a phone. It’s a powerful computer with features like Apple Pay and a Health app that can track anything the health conscious individual wants.

Fast forward to today. There is an almost infinite number of choices of computers and smart phones available to consumers. But Apple continues to lead the way. My computing needs had me choose a PC over a Mac when they first became available. I wanted more control over how the device worked and what I could make it do than a Mac would allow. But the very fact we talk about personal computers as either Mac or PC illustrates how distinct the Apple Macintosh was and continues to be.

Gaming Consoles

Tech GadgetsNintendo came out with GameBoy in 1989. It was the first hand held gaming station and sold well over 100 million units worldwide. They continued with Nintendo Switch in 2017 and over 32 million consoles have been sold already.

Sony got into the gaming arena with the release of PlayStation in 1994. They made gaming a mainstream activity then and have simply improved over time.

Not to be out done, Microsoft introduced the XBox in 2001 and then a year later XBox Live that allowed gamers to compete online. By 2017 Microsoft is said to have sold 20 Million consoles. Today the unit does away with the cords and CD drives with wireless remote controllers.

Televisions and Reading Devices

Korean tech giant Samsung started making televisions in the 1970s. By the late ’90s, it created the world’s first mass-produced digital TV. In the early 2000s, Samsung began making HD TVs, and expanded to Blu-Ray players and home theater equipment as well.

Samsung just keeps getting better. Like most newer tech products, their current lineup of TVs is faster, more vibrant and bigger. In 2019, Samsung televisions offer smart capabilities and even a huge 219-inch TV called “The Wall.”

Amazon introduced the Kindle in 2007. It came only in white and had an E-lnk display that made reading easy on the eyes. I’ve also been told it made a big difference to the reading ability of people suffering from dyslexia. Go figure! It had a full keyboard and a scroll wheel.

Today the Kindle comes in a variety of styles and sizes. They come with Amazon Audible, WiFi and cellular connectivity.

Check out this blast from the past at Business Insider. I found it pretty interesting reading. While Elegant Gizmos doesn’t have an extremely high tech gizmo to offer you, we do have a really cool way for you to store and organize all the batteries you’ll need to run your high tech devices. Check out our battery organizer storage case with tester on Amazon today.

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