Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer Storage Case with Tester – Keeps 100+ Fully Functional Commonly Used Batteries At Your Finger Tips – Declutter – Save Money – Save Space

Tired of searching through every cabinet and drawer for a set of GOOD batteries to get your flashlight, mouse or other electronic gizmo back in action? There is a solution. Let me tell you about the Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer.


The Elegant Gizmos Battery Caddy with Tester organizes over 100 of the 6 most common household battery types. The individual slots in the case hold batteries snugly and easily accessible but you’ll never fumble or struggle to pull one out in an emergency.

If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce the clutter in cabinets, baskets and bins so you can safely store a ready supply of 6 most common household battery types look no further. The Elegant Gizmos battery organizer holds up to 110 batteries; 24 AAA 48 AA 10 C 8 D 8 9 Volt and up to 12 Button Batteries. You’ll always have the battery you need for almost any of your electronics

You’ll wish you had gotten it sooner. Our battery case can be located on a shelf or counter, in a drawer in the home and even mounted on a wall. What that means is you’ll avoid the fruitless search through all drawers in the house only to discover what you find no longer works. Ultimately that means you’ll avoid those frustrating last minute trips to the mall.

Battery Organizer Cabinet Storage

The problems with some other battery storage cases is they do not include supplies for mounting on a wall. Our product solves that by including screws and anchors for that purpose. There’s no guessing about what you need

Because the individual slots are angled up a few degrees batteries remain in place when the battery box is installed on a wall in the garage or closet with the tester end pointing up. The good thing is you save drawer or shelf space for other items and you know at a glance what you have in stock. 

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Unlike other holders the Elegant Gizmos dispenser has a concise user manual. You will know exactly how to use the equipment, where the assorted battery types are placed, how to use the tester, and how to mount it on the wall. No guesswork involved. You’ll have the container up within minutes of opening the package.

Battery Organizer Tester All Batteries

Because our battery organizer comes with a removable tester, you can quickly test all your batteries including those installed in your devices. That means you’ll avoid the frustration of taking an item apart to replace the batteries, only to find the replacements are dead too. Ultimately you can save money by replacing batteries only when needed, rather than on a pre-set schedule just to be sure they don’t give out at inopportune times.

Our battery checker is also simple to use, has no battery of its own to fail and registers charging level by the number of LED lights activated. There is no needle to get stuck and no glass to break like some other testers. The tester is removable and fits the assortment of 6 battery types regardless of size. You can be confident the readings obtained are accurate for all battery types; rechargeable or standard.


The Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer has a sleek, modern design so it fits just as well into the kitchen, closet, pantry or desk as it does in your garage or workshop.          


The Elegant Gizmos battery organizer case isolates batteries so they do not make contact like they do loose in a bin or junk drawer. What that means is your batteries will not be damaged if one leaks, or be discharged by contact with others. Most importantly that means there will be no possibility of a devastating household fire from improperly stored batteries. Check this article to see what kind of damage fires started in the battery drawer can create.


Because the organizer is made of sturdy, top quality, non-toxic ABS and HTS plastic, it is environmentally friendly; Will not break or bend out of shape when loaded with batteries; Safe even with small kids; It will look good and keep your batteries well organized for a long time.

The Battery Organizer With Tester is backed by a 90 Day Unconditional 100% Replacement Guarantee. Either you are happy with your purchase or we make it right.

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