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The Battery Storage Organizer From Elegant Gizmos

Do you have a drawer organizer for battery storage like the one you use for cutlery? Unfortunately many people toss their opened battery packages and even loose batteries into the proverbial junk drawer or often in multiple locations around the house. When they need a battery they end up sifting through all the drawers in the house or workshop looking for what they hope will be a fully charged battery. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are lots of battery storage containers available. They range from plastic battery boxes that hold one type of battery to similar ones with compartments for a variety of battery types. They come in a variety of sizes holding a few to dozens of batteries. So what should you be looking for in a battery storage organizer? Here is my take on that question.

Safely Organizes Common Household Battery Types

Your kids’ toys, your thermostats, smoke detectors, TV and a variety of remote controls for a large number of electronic devices in your home and workshop use a variety of batteries. A battery storage case should have compartments for several AAA, AA, C and D size and 9 Volt batteries. Ideally it should have room for a number of button batteries of various sizes as well. It should also segregate batteries.

It’s really important to ensure that whatever battery storage option you choose separates batteries from one another. Batteries tend to corrode or leak over time and if left and forgotten in the back of a drawer will cause damage to anything stored with them including other batteries. A good battery organizer storage case with separate compartments for a each battery solves that problem. It also serves to keep your batteries all in one place and readily available when needed.

Like the cutlery organizer trays in most kitchens, a good battery organizer should be located for easy access to batteries that can be easily removed when needed. Storing it in a drawer or cabinet or on a shelf does the trick. Mounting the case on a wall in the pantry or workshop provides those benefits. A wall mounted organizer would have the added advantage of allowing you to assess at a glance what type and how many batteries are on hand. So where do you look for such an organizer?

Where can you find such a product?

We recommend our own Elegant Gizmos Battery Storage Organizer. Not only does it have all the features and benefits required, it comes with a removable battery tester, instructions for use and hardware to mount it on a wall should you choose that option. We do recommend putting it in a drawer on a shelf. The tester ensures you know what batteries are good to go and which need to be recycled.  You’ll avoid the frustration of taking a toy or device apart to insert a new battery only to discover the replacement is no good.

You can find it on Amazon when you click the button below. Happy organizing.

Elegant Gizmos Battery Storage

Battery Storage

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