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Battery Organizer Storage Case

Somebody Invent A Battery Organizer Storage Case and Key Organizer

Eleven Deals on Cool Gizmos To Help Keep You Organized Including A Battery Organizer Storage Case

I’ll bet you’ve had occasion to cuss a little because you can’t find your keys. They never seem to be where you left them. Same goes for your wallet, pocket knife or the batteries you need for right now for the TV remote, or whatever. Through your mind goes the refrain “somebody should invent a key organizer and a battery organizer storage case  so guys like me can stop wasting time digging through all the drawers in this place and looking under every book or magazine for the lost gizmo. In vain I might add.

Turns out somebody must have been listening because I ran across an article on Mashable about some cool gadgets that will help you stay organized. That was pretty interesting, particularly because I just happen to have the answer to the battery organizer issue. So here are 11 deals on cool gizmos that will help you stay organized.

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It’s also worth noting this problem of disappearing gadgets and gizmos is not a trivial issue. According to the article it’s estimated people waste 2.5 days every year looking for stuff that “wandered away” so to speak. Can’t be our fault now can it! The cost of all that is astronomical at an estimated $2.7 billion each year to replace the delinquent belongings once we abandon our fruitless quest and admit defeat.

The Key Organizer Locator

Enter KeySmart, an outfit that manufactures a line of accessories designed to make get us and at least our keys effortlessly organized and in style. They’ve also got a couple of gizmos to make that sometimes elusive penknife and your keys easy to find. Of course if you blow it, both are on the lam, so get it right

They have a simple KeySmart Flex that is smaller than a pack of gum but holds up to eight keys. No more disorganized jumble of keys in your pocket. An no more frustration trying to untangle them to get at the one you need. Get two for about $20.

Then there’s KeySmart Pro with Tile Smart Location. This is perfect for the absent minded professor who always misplaces and loses the keys. It comes with Tile Smart Location technology so if you ever lose one of the ten keys it can organize for you, you can use the Tile smartphone app to locate it on a map or make it ring to expose its hiding place. This cool key organizer locator retails for about $50. What a deal.

For those of us who can actually form the habit of consistently putting our keys in a specific location, there’s the KeyCatch Magnetic Key Rack. This organizer gizmo ensures the place we habitually put those keys is highly visible and not likely to be covered up with a newspaper or pice of clothing.Stick your entire keyring on the fridge or on something like a light switch to keep it within view at all times. At about $20 for a set of six this gizmo is a bargain.

Keys and Penknife Organizer in One

So much for the keys but what about the penknife that never seems to be available because it’s a little too bulky for the pocket or is just another item you’d rather not have making your pocket bulge. That’s looked after with the Dapper 100 Slim Keychain Knife. It is a sophisticated little folding knife with a loop on the end that allows it to conveniently attach to your keyring. A two-pack will cost you about $30. Keysmart also manufactures a slightly larger model, the Dapper 150 Ultra Slim Knife. It doesn’t fit on you key chain but is very transportable and the perfect little utility knife for the traveler.

Organizer Gadgets for the Traveler

Speaking of keeping your gadgets and gizmos charged up and well organized if you travel on business, KeySmart has some cool gadgets for you.

The KeySmart 10,000mAh Portable Charger takes the stress out of occasions like being trapped in traffic, on a delayed train, or on a long flight with a phone whose battery is dead. This piece of technology is a portable charger with a heavy duty 10,000mAh battery capacity, with a dedicated speed charging outlet that delivers the juice fast and on demand. And it’s only about $40!

To keep all your electronics and other belongings well organized, the Urban 21 Commuter Bag with Grid Organizer is what you need. It’s designed with designated protected spaces for your laptop, tablet, sunglasses, pens, headphones, chargers, battery packs, valuables and other belongings. The Urban 21 Commuter Bag retails for $240. The Grid Organizer upgrade is another $20. Rather than the Grid Organizer you might opt for the Urban 21 Pocket Organizer. It has expandable mesh pockets rather than the elastic fasteners in the Grid Organizer.

What About the Battery Organizer

So KeySmart has you covered for the keys, penknife and all the storage organizers the traveler needs for laptops, tablets, pens, glasses and other gadgets and gizmos. I have you covered for your battery organizer needs.

There’s nothing more frustrating than assembling your kids electronic toy on Christmas morning or on his or her birthday, and discovering the “batteries not included” thing. Or even worse, that the batteries included are duds. Disappointing is the least of the issue. How about a screaming tantrum ending up in the new gadget shattering against the wall?

The Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer Case with Tester spells an end to that frustration and disappointment. It holds 24 AAA batteries, 48 AA, 10 C size, 8 D size and 8 9v batteries with a compartment for several coin or watch batteries. You’ll always have what you need and a battery storage case that you can store in a drawer, on a shelf or even mounted on a wall.

Always Know What Batteries You Have and Where

You know what batteries you have on hand and exactly where they are. No searching involved. Because it comes with a removable battery tester, you can test every battery you have and always know which are good to go and which need recycling.

Have you ever had to take a device apart to install new batteries and found that it still didn’t work, even with what you thought were new batteries? So you take it apart again to repeat the process. But you don’t know if the issue is dead batteries or a faulty device. Get an Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer Storage Case with Tester, stock it with batteries and say goodbye to all that hassle.

The battery organizer case is made of durable ABS and HTS plastic. It keeps batteries separate from each other so if one leaks few or none of the others is affected. More importantly, storing the batteries in a storage organizer case prevents the poles or terminals of one battery from connecting with those of other batteries. Some pretty devastating household fires have resulted from improperly stored batteries. Using a battery organizer storage case eliminates that worry.

So there you have it. Feed the neat freak in you and get organized. Avoid the cost and frustration of lost keys, glasses, penknives, batteries and stuff that seems almost deliberately avoiding detection. Check out the article in Mashable for details and visit my Product Page to get your Battery Organizer.

Battery Organizer

kitchen must have gizmos

What Happened To Those Must Have Gizmos

Where Are Those Must Have Gizmos Now

Only in Ireland eh? Just read a hilarious article about those must have gizmos we once knew were essential, but which now lead a lonely existence. If they aren’t on the way to Goodwill they are packed away or gathering dust under the stairs or in the spare room.

I’ll bet a high proportion of readers have more than one of these gizmos. How about Steam Cleaners? They looked like the answer to cleaning almost anything from the bathroom, to the kitchen and into the kids bedroom. Even taking the wrinkles out of shirts without hauling out the iron and ironing board seemed a dream come true.

But they didn’t live up to the hype so within maybe weeks it was back to the regular bucket and mop an that trusty ironing board.

Got Pasta Makers and Juicers?

These two ring bells with me and probably a lot of people. It looked so cool to see the pasta maker effortlessly turn out mouth watering pasta. And that juicer was impressive with fresh carrot or apple juice poring out in clear, sparkling streams. Just had to have them.

But then reality set in. It takes a lot of time and ingredients to make that pasta and it really doesn’t turn out to be identical to the stuff that little Italian Mamma turns out in the commercials. How about that juicer? Well, it really doesn’t turn out juice that’s so sparkling, and certainly not in the volumes expected. Beside that, the huge mess of pulp created has to cleaned up and out of the juicer. More trouble than it’s worth! I know, I’ve got one. Somewhere.

Hey, maybe you’ll find your next gotta have thing right here!

Exercise Gizmos and Gadgets

I’ll bet more than a few of you have weight benches and dumbells kicking around somewhere. Maybe you also have an exercise bike or treadmill and bunch of other gadgets that were once deemed essential to your well being! But they now sit unused and unloved in the spare room or the garage.

And so it goes. Add waffle makers, grass trimmers (those I actually use), Bongos, Ukuleles and Digital Cameras to the mix and you have an eclectic list of stuff you read about that were among the next great must have gizmos and gadgets. You might want to read the full article by Conor Pope and enjoy his Irish prose. One thing seems certain; with the speed at which technology changes these days, expect the current crop of trending gizmos and gadgets to disappear under the dust in a similar fashion.

One gizmo that won’t go out of favour as long as you need batteries to power your other gadgets is our battery organizer with removable tester. Check it out soon and let me know what you think of it. Click the button.

Battery Organizer Storage Case

Must Have Gizmos

battery storage

Battery Storage Options

The Battery Storage Organizer From Elegant Gizmos

Do you have a drawer organizer for battery storage like the one you use for cutlery? Unfortunately many people toss their opened battery packages and even loose batteries into the proverbial junk drawer or often in multiple locations around the house. When they need a battery they end up sifting through all the drawers in the house or workshop looking for what they hope will be a fully charged battery. It doesn’t have to be that way.

There are lots of battery storage containers available. They range from plastic battery boxes that hold one type of battery to similar ones with compartments for a variety of battery types. They come in a variety of sizes holding a few to dozens of batteries. So what should you be looking for in a battery storage organizer? Here is my take on that question.

Safely Organizes Common Household Battery Types

Your kids’ toys, your thermostats, smoke detectors, TV and a variety of remote controls for a large number of electronic devices in your home and workshop use a variety of batteries. A battery storage case should have compartments for several AAA, AA, C and D size and 9 Volt batteries. Ideally it should have room for a number of button batteries of various sizes as well. It should also segregate batteries.

It’s really important to ensure that whatever battery storage option you choose separates batteries from one another. Batteries tend to corrode or leak over time and if left and forgotten in the back of a drawer will cause damage to anything stored with them including other batteries. A good battery organizer storage case with separate compartments for a each battery solves that problem. It also serves to keep your batteries all in one place and readily available when needed.

Like the cutlery organizer trays in most kitchens, a good battery organizer should be located for easy access to batteries that can be easily removed when needed. Storing it in a drawer or cabinet or on a shelf does the trick. Mounting the case on a wall in the pantry or workshop provides those benefits. A wall mounted organizer would have the added advantage of allowing you to assess at a glance what type and how many batteries are on hand. So where do you look for such an organizer?

Where can you find such a product?

We recommend our own Elegant Gizmos Battery Storage Organizer. Not only does it have all the features and benefits required, it comes with a removable battery tester, instructions for use and hardware to mount it on a wall should you choose that option. We do recommend putting it in a drawer on a shelf. The tester ensures you know what batteries are good to go and which need to be recycled.  You’ll avoid the frustration of taking a toy or device apart to insert a new battery only to discover the replacement is no good.

You can find it on Amazon when you click the button below. Happy organizing.

Elegant Gizmos Battery Storage

Battery Storage

Battery Organizer Case With Tester

Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer Storage Case with Tester – Keeps 100+ Fully Functional Commonly Used Batteries At Your Finger Tips – Declutter – Save Money – Save Space

Tired of searching through every cabinet and drawer for a set of GOOD batteries to get your flashlight, mouse or other electronic gizmo back in action? There is a solution. Let me tell you about the Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer.


The Elegant Gizmos Battery Caddy with Tester organizes over 100 of the 6 most common household battery types. The individual slots in the case hold batteries snugly and easily accessible but you’ll never fumble or struggle to pull one out in an emergency.

If you’ve been looking for a way to reduce the clutter in cabinets, baskets and bins so you can safely store a ready supply of 6 most common household battery types look no further. The Elegant Gizmos battery organizer holds up to 110 batteries; 24 AAA 48 AA 10 C 8 D 8 9 Volt and up to 12 Button Batteries. You’ll always have the battery you need for almost any of your electronics

You’ll wish you had gotten it sooner. Our battery case can be located on a shelf or counter, in a drawer in the home and even mounted on a wall. What that means is you’ll avoid the fruitless search through all drawers in the house only to discover what you find no longer works. Ultimately that means you’ll avoid those frustrating last minute trips to the mall.

Battery Organizer Cabinet Storage

The problems with some other battery storage cases is they do not include supplies for mounting on a wall. Our product solves that by including screws and anchors for that purpose. There’s no guessing about what you need

Because the individual slots are angled up a few degrees batteries remain in place when the battery box is installed on a wall in the garage or closet with the tester end pointing up. The good thing is you save drawer or shelf space for other items and you know at a glance what you have in stock. 

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Unlike other holders the Elegant Gizmos dispenser has a concise user manual. You will know exactly how to use the equipment, where the assorted battery types are placed, how to use the tester, and how to mount it on the wall. No guesswork involved. You’ll have the container up within minutes of opening the package.

Battery Organizer Tester All Batteries

Because our battery organizer comes with a removable tester, you can quickly test all your batteries including those installed in your devices. That means you’ll avoid the frustration of taking an item apart to replace the batteries, only to find the replacements are dead too. Ultimately you can save money by replacing batteries only when needed, rather than on a pre-set schedule just to be sure they don’t give out at inopportune times.

Our battery checker is also simple to use, has no battery of its own to fail and registers charging level by the number of LED lights activated. There is no needle to get stuck and no glass to break like some other testers. The tester is removable and fits the assortment of 6 battery types regardless of size. You can be confident the readings obtained are accurate for all battery types; rechargeable or standard.


The Elegant Gizmos Battery Organizer has a sleek, modern design so it fits just as well into the kitchen, closet, pantry or desk as it does in your garage or workshop.          


The Elegant Gizmos battery organizer case isolates batteries so they do not make contact like they do loose in a bin or junk drawer. What that means is your batteries will not be damaged if one leaks, or be discharged by contact with others. Most importantly that means there will be no possibility of a devastating household fire from improperly stored batteries. Check this article to see what kind of damage fires started in the battery drawer can create.


Because the organizer is made of sturdy, top quality, non-toxic ABS and HTS plastic, it is environmentally friendly; Will not break or bend out of shape when loaded with batteries; Safe even with small kids; It will look good and keep your batteries well organized for a long time.

The Battery Organizer With Tester is backed by a 90 Day Unconditional 100% Replacement Guarantee. Either you are happy with your purchase or we make it right.

Supply is currently limited so grab yours today from exclusively. Just click the button below and click Add To Cart when you get there.

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