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Cool Gadgets For Pets

I’ve been sifting through some of my gizmos and gadgets articles and came across a few pet gadgets that are  innovative and very functional. Let’ start with a few from 9 Amazing Must-Have Gadgets For Pets.

Baby Monitor for Pets.

You have monitors in the kids room, mostly to keep them safe and alert you to what they are up to. So why not for your pets. Petcube Play 2 has audio and video capability making checking up on them really easily and because it connects to your phone, you can even talk to bowser when you are out and about.

Family Only Dog Door

Here’s a really cool gizmo. It’s a high tech doggie flap door called Wagz Go Smart. It allows dogs to go in and out at will. The cool part is it’s operated by a tag on the dog’s collar so it opens and closes when the dog approaches the door to come in or go. Only authorized family dogs can get in and out!

But even more cool is the fact the tag can be programmed to allow operation at specific times. Handy if you don’t want the dog in and out all the time or if you have more than one and you want them in and out at different times.

Automated Kitty Litter Box

Here’s a really neat gadget. You may love your cats but I don’t know anyone who loves the odour of the litter box. Cleaning out that thing is about the last thing I’d want to do. Enter LavvieBot Purrsong . It’s the ultimate in kitty-litter boxes and a dream come true.

It automatically cleans the litter box, keeps it topped up and controls that “oh so pungent” odor.It takes care of that mess so you don’t have to and comes with a WiFi enabled app that sends you alerts when the litter supply is running low. If you’re a real detail nut you can even plot your cat’s litter box routine. Now that’s cool!

Automatic Retriever Training

This one got my attention. A really practical pet gadget that I can relate to. I’ve had a number of Labrador Retrievers and been around a lot of Border Collies. If you know anything about those breeds you’ll know they can wear you out in a game of go fetch. I swear that my big chocolate lab would retrieve until he dropped, if I didn’t drop first.

So iFetch is a pet gadget that lets Fido play fetch all by himself. It launches a small tennis ball a distance of 10 to 30 feet from the launcher and the dog is able to play the game without any help. It brings the ball back to the launcher, drops it into a hopper and is off on the next retrieve. What a way to let the dog get some exercise without wearing out the master

Being a gizmos and gadgets guy I found these pet gadgets really neat, innovative and practical. That’s what we aim to provide here at Elegant Gizmos, now and in the future. We’re just getting started. Check out our newest gizmos by clicking the button below. You’ll be the first to know about new products we put on our Amazon Store. We’ll also give you first crack at special launch deals and seasonal sales when they occur. Get the Elegant Gizmo News by clicking the button below.

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