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Rain Protector Gizmos

The best rain protector gizmos and gear to help you enjoy those April showers

Just came across a very timely article by Jen Birkhofer from TODAY that talks about some cool rain protector gizmos. Hey it’s April so expect some showers if you want May flowers. To make your life a little easier as the rains try to spoil your plans here are some innovative rain protector gizmos to keep you dry.

They include a cool dog leash that doubles as a pet umbrella available on, where else- Amazon. How about a Superhydrophobic Packable Umbrella that repels water so it’s not wet when you head inside or want to pop it into the back seat of the car.

Then there’s a polyester pop-up tent that’s very portable and designed to keep you and your friends and family dry while watching a sporting event, camping or doing the tailgate thing. This Sportspod is one of the coolest rain protector gizmos I’ve seen.

Fashionable Rain Protector Gizmos

The fashionistas among us will love the Seal Shoe Covers. They are the ultimate in rain gizmos designed to be worn over all types of shoes. They are very fashionable, light weight and conveniently roll up and store in a neat little pouch. If you don’t like those clunky rubber boots, these are for you.

Then there’s a waterproof purse cover by THE GROMMET designed to protect your leather handbag or tote from the rain but still allow you to reach in for your wallet or phone without getting everything in there rained on.

And here’s a really cool rain protector gizmo. How many times have you been out there, trying to take notes or fill in a scoresheet in the rain? If you get it done at all the sheet may not survive for long. THE GROMMET to the rescue again with a set of 3 All-Weather Top Spiral Notebooks. These notebooks last a long time and you can write on them even if the paper is wet. Of course the addition of an All-Weather Pen By Rite in the Rain tops it off. Both are available on Amazon.

Gear for Campers and Hikers

There’s also a couple of gadgets designed for campers in general but not necessarily rain protector gizmos. The LuminAID PackLite Max 2-in-1 Phone is solar powered and expands to be used as a lantern. It’s great for campers and hikers. So too is the LifeSaver Liberty Purification Water Bottle. It can filter 99.9 percent of all bacteria and viruses out of just about any water source, including mud puddles. Both are available on Amazon.

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