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Two Smart Gizmos from Editors’ Choice Gadgets

This may be a little dated but here are two smart gizmos featured in PCWorld Editors’ Choice Gadgets back in 2017. I’ll bet they are as relevant and noteworthy today. They are “really smart” and will make your life more fun and comfortable

Google Home is the Best Smart Speaker

Google Home was launched with a huge promo campaign and like many first of a kind it has taken smart speakers into the mainstream. It’s still pretty much a baby but Google Home drew in the folks who are already on board with smart home and automation technology and also attracted the masses in a remarkable display of savvy tech marketing.

Alexa and Cortana have come on the scene and are pushing hard to gather market share. But being first in and having a clear playing field for the first year or so means Google Home is still leading the pack. It’s still the best option out there.

Best Smartwatch of 2017 is Apple Watch Series 3

There’s lots of competition in this niche but Apple has the lead for a number of reasons. One is that much like the iPhone, the Apple Watch has that elegant simplicity and just plain works. It’s got more direct competition than the iPhone because it competes in a category where virtually all of the players have a pretty similar and usually limited set of features and functionality. But Apple has the edge.

Where the Apple Watch excels is in the operating software. Apple’s WatchOS system is noticeably more mature than that of the competition. And they made the move to cellular. They weren’t the first smart watch to go this route but it does mean they’ll be setting the standard for the competition in the same way their OS has done across platforms

That’s clearly the case. As I write this the Apple watch series 4 is out with improvements in speakers, chip speed and longer battery life. Combine all this with the brand loyalty demanded and received by Apple aficionados, and they’ll continue to lead the pack.

I’ll be back with a couple more smart gizmos and gadgets next time. In the mean time go find a deal on our Amazon Store. If you get there and none are listed we are out of stock … but working on it.

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