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Where Are Those Must Have Gizmos Now

Only in Ireland eh? Just read a hilarious article about those must have gizmos we once knew were essential, but which now lead a lonely existence. If they aren’t on the way to Goodwill they are packed away or gathering dust under the stairs or in the spare room.

I’ll bet a high proportion of readers have more than one of these gizmos. How about Steam Cleaners? They looked like the answer to cleaning almost anything from the bathroom, to the kitchen and into the kids bedroom. Even taking the wrinkles out of shirts without hauling out the iron and ironing board seemed a dream come true.

But they didn’t live up to the hype so within maybe weeks it was back to the regular bucket and mop an that trusty ironing board.

Got Pasta Makers and Juicers?

These two ring bells with me and probably a lot of people. It looked so cool to see the pasta maker effortlessly turn out mouth watering pasta. And that juicer was impressive with fresh carrot or apple juice poring out in clear, sparkling streams. Just had to have them.

But then reality set in. It takes a lot of time and ingredients to make that pasta and it really doesn’t turn out to be identical to the stuff that little Italian Mamma turns out in the commercials. How about that juicer? Well, it really doesn’t turn out juice that’s so sparkling, and certainly not in the volumes expected. Beside that, the huge mess of pulp created has to cleaned up and out of the juicer. More trouble than it’s worth! I know, I’ve got one. Somewhere.

Hey, maybe you’ll find your next gotta have thing right here!

Exercise Gizmos and Gadgets

I’ll bet more than a few of you have weight benches and dumbells kicking around somewhere. Maybe you also have an exercise bike or treadmill and bunch of other gadgets that were once deemed essential to your well being! But they now sit unused and unloved in the spare room or the garage.

And so it goes. Add waffle makers, grass trimmers (those I actually use), Bongos, Ukuleles and Digital Cameras to the mix and you have an eclectic list of stuff you read about that were among the next great must have gizmos and gadgets. You might want to read the full article by Conor Pope and enjoy his Irish prose. One thing seems certain; with the speed at which technology changes these days, expect the current crop of trending gizmos and gadgets to disappear under the dust in a similar fashion.

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